Lush Catering Consultancy

The Lush Food Company offers a friendly and knowledgeable catering consultancy across the South of England. Jason Clark has over 25 years of careering experience as a chef and as a manager in bars, restaurants and hotels across the world.

Jason knows what it takes to set and manage a successful business as well as make it profitable. He has provided advice to bars, restaurants and hotels in Devon, London and across the South West.

Jason’s hands on approach can really make a difference and sharpen up the services you offer. Whether it is a few days of staff training or a few weeks of re-structuring Lush Consultancy can improve your catering business.

Feel free to call for a chat to see what we can do for you! 

Jason’s services include –

  • Restaurant / bar set up (business set up)

  • Menu planning and advice

  • Produce and product sourcing

  • Staff training

  • Marketing, promotion and branding

  • Bespoke and custom menus